Wear It Purple Day

Cameron Reynolds

Plan your activities for Wear it Purple Day on 25 August

Wear It Purple (WIP) is a youth-run, LGBTIQ+ organisation that supports and empowers young gender and sexuality-diverse and intersex young people.

This year’s Wear It Purple Day falls on 25 August, when we will see students, teachers and the wider school community don layers of purple clothing and festive wear in order to show their support for gender and sexuality-diverse and intersex young people within their local and school communities.

Some Wear It Purple Day suggestions for your school include:

  • registering your WIP event on the website.
  • making purple ribbon pins to hand out at your school
  • hosting a fundraising BBQ and donating funds to WIP or to a local LGBTIQ+ community group
  • dressing up in lots and lots of purple
  • creating purple pledge circles to pledge your support for LGBTIQ+ young people.

Created in 2010 by two Australian teenagers with the belief that every young person is unique, important and worthy of love, Wear It Purple Day occurs on the last Friday in August each year and has now grown into worldwide recognition.

Wear It Purple Day events align with Department policies (Student Welfare Policy, Bullying: Preventing Bullying and Responding to Student Bullying in Schools Policy, Protecting and Supporting Children and Young People Policy) and as such, are able to be held in NSW public schools.

Interested young people aged 24 and under should visit the website and find out how they can become volunteers for Wear It Purple, join the Youth Action Council or take up other forms of advocacy.

Cameron Reynolds is a member of Federation’s LGBTIQ Restricted Committee