Julie Moon
City Organiser

The updated Casual and Temporary Teachers Handbook is now available in the members’ section of the NSW Teachers Federation website.

The handbook is a series of downloadable PDFs covering topics that include:

  • membership of your union
  • employment with the Department of Education
  • termination of employment as temporary teacher
  • hours of duty and timetable loads for casual teachers
  • casual teacher leave conditions
  • temporary teacher leave conditions
  • beginning temporary teacher support funding
  • accreditation and maintenance at Proficient for casual and temporary teachers
  • the Performance and Development Framework.

Opportunities for employment

The Federation negotiated a strengthened staffing agreement for all NSW public schools, to be implemented from 2016 to 2020.

It is rare to find another educational jurisdiction anywhere in the world that has such a regulated, statewide staffing system that ensures security, stability and equity for students, teachers and schools.

The current staffing agreement provides significant benefits for casual and temporary teachers, including:

1) Temporary Teacher Appointment to Permanent Status

“Where a permanent position arises at a 2, 4, 6 or 8-point classified school and a temporary teacher has been engaged at that school:

  • for a minimum of two years continuous service, and
  • has been satisfactorily participating in the Performance and Development process,

the principal may elect to permanently appoint the temporary teacher to that vacancy, where the temporary teacher is deemed suitable to the position …”.

Prior to the 2016-2020 staffing agreement this arrangement only applied to 6 and 8-point schools.

2) Compliance monitoring and reporting

A state-level Joint Monitoring and Review Committee (JMRC) undertakes auditing of temporary teacher appointments to permanent positions. The Department and Federation participate jointly in monitoring and resolving of compliance matters. The Department produces a Compliance Monitoring Report that shows each school’s Full Time Equivalent (FTE) entitlement and the level of temporary employment. Federation continues to pursue the filling of permanent positions in school with permanent appointments.

3) More permanent employment opportunities

Schools now have the provision to create extra permanent teacher positions using the additional funding provided to schools through the Gonski funds. These recurrent funds will allow for the establishment of additional permanent positions above the schools’ current staffing entitlement.

The Department has resources to help teachers write job applications:

  • Guide for Application Writing for Classroom Teacher Positions
  • Guide to Application Writing for Executive Staff and Principal Positions
  • Guide to Meeting the Selection Criteria of Recent School-Based Experience for Non-school-based Teaching Service Positions
  • Guide to Using jobs.nsw for a School Position.

These resources can be found here.

Casual Teacher Employment Agency survey

Federation is investigating the use of casual booking systems across NSW and their impact on teachers and schools. All casual and temporary teachers were asked to complete a survey on the use of casual employment agencies by teachers. Please take the time to complete the survey as this will assist the union to gather necessary information.

Julie Moon is the Officer responsible for casual and temporary teachers

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