Make sure you get your pro rata TAFE leave

Lenore Hankinson
Industrial/ Research Officer

Department's pay stand counters established practice

If, at any time in the past six years, you have separated from TAFE during the year rather than at the completion of the year and have not received pro rata annual leave loading please contact or contact your TAFE Organiser and forward a copy of your final payslip. TAFE NSW claims that where a teacher ceases employment prior to the end of the year there is no entitlement to be paid pro rata annual leave loading as the teacher’s entitlement to leave loading from the previous leave year would have been already paid in full during the Christmas vacation period.

The AEU maintains this interpretation of the TAFE Enterprise Agreement and TAFE recreation leave policy is wrong and is a departure from long-established practice.

Federation’s position is that the teacher is entitled to receive pro rata leave loading if they cease employment prior to the end of the year.

If you are a TAFE member who has separated from TAFE and believe you have not been paid annual leave loading and/or pro rata annual leave loading on untaken leave please send a copy of your final payslip or reconciliation statement to or contact your local TAFE Organiser.

Federation Representatives are urged to try to contact members who may have separated and alert them to this development.

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