Digital ways to tell your story

Charline Emzin-Boyd
Aboriginal Education Coordinator

Rebecca Sheerin and Kelly Jesser join the Aboriginal Education team and are learning how committed the committee is to developing meaningful relationships

The Aboriginal Education Restricted Committee welcomed two new members, Kelly Jesser from the Port Macquarie Teachers Association and Rebecca Sheerin from the Manly-Warringah Association at its first meeting of the year.

Kelly and Rebecca join long-standing members Gary Cattanach, Phil von Schoenberg and Shanene Phillips, and Aboriginal Education Co-ordinator Charline Emzin-Boyd in working to advance Aboriginal issues within our organisation. Our new members are learning quickly the level of commitment we share in developing meaningful relationships and connection.

The committee members also had an opportunity to meet the Acting Senior Vice President, Tim Mulroy and Membership and Training Officer Nicole Calnan. Also during the day they were also engaged in a presentation by Aaron Hughes, web designer and innovator of the MGoals website, The Burraga Foundation.

This website gives opportunities for schools and their Aboriginal communities to develop and to create their own community site with the help of your local AECG, school, and community.

MGoals website shares community stories and culture and helps enhance the knowledge and the understanding of all students about Aboriginal Australia. Through sharing and celebrating local history, cultural information and programs that run in support of Aboriginal education.

There are two aspects to MGoals, firstly, the website building project. The project encourages schools to collaborate with their local Aboriginal community in building a local community website.

Secondly, MGoals is an online goal-setting program, where students interact with teachers, parents and mentors to set goals for living and learning.

This Digital pathway provides opportunities, working alongside Aboriginal communities to support the sharing of Aboriginal cultures and histories through digital mediums, to enhance the understanding of Aboriginal Australia for all Australians.

Take this opportunity to get online and see if you and your community have a story to share here or here.

Discussion arose regarding the acronym “ATSI”, which is used too often in written publications and verbalised when referring to the first peoples.

The committee would like to confirm that the culturally-appropriate description of the first peoples is to use the full title of “Aboriginal People and Torres Strait Islander People” and not abbreviate it to an acronym.

Turning theory into classroom reality