May Day focuses on fighting inequality

Federation came out in numbers on Sunday 7 May for the 2017 May Day March in Sydney.

It was a great day out as union groups — representing everyone from nurses and midwives to miners and public servants — made their voices heard.

Federation members marched under red, green and purple flags, vivid against a clear blue autumn sky, with Gonski and Stop TAFE Cuts t-shirts publicising Federation’s major campaigns. Spurred by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s dismaying schools funding announcement, parents, teachers and members of the community signed postcards urging NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to stay committed to the Gonski funding scheme as it is set out in the original NSW agreement rather than Mr Turnbull’s pared-back funding deal.

As well as celebrating workers’ rights won over the years — principally the battle for an eight-hour-day — the assembled unions protested against worker exploitation, cuts to penalty rates, looming hospital privatisations and other ongoing issues that workers are still fighting to protect for future generations.

This year, protocols were put aside and the march was led by the "kids' union" and concluded with a festival in Alfred Park with children's rides and stalls.