Why we're out there

Kylie Dawson

The classroom results from Gonski funding are amazing

We have been wearing green, waving banners and informing the community about the importance of Gonski for a long time now. Why? Because we understand that it is the once-in-a-generation opportunity to right the wrongs of the fundamentally flawed Howard government SES funding model.

We understand that a sector-blind, needs-based funding model that benefits every child, in every state, in every school is the key to improving student outcomes for all.

In my school alone we have lowered class sizes, increased SLSO support for literacy and numeracy blocks, created engagement and enrichment programs for Indigenous students including designing and constructing a bush tucker garden, and engagement programs for our disengaged students, it’s working and the results are amazing.

This is not acceptable: if the Turnbull government can spend $48 billion on company tax cuts it can definitely afford to fund our children’s educational needs. As we’ve said all along, "Our kids are worth it."

Kylie Dawson teaches at Lavington PS and is a member of Federation’s Executive