Teachers’ copyright guides

A free guide on copyright has been developed especially for teachers by non-profit Creative Content Australia. There are two components: a short animation titled “What teachers need to know about copyright and digital citizenship”, which is an overview of the subject, and a two-page guide called “Clarifying copyright” which examines: cybersafety (viruses, malware, inappropriate advertising and scams), academic integrity, and unauthorised streaming and downloading that strains school IT networks. These and other related resources can be found here.

From civics to Shakespeare – ABC resources

ABC Splash says its teacher survey showed a demand for resources on civics and citizenship and so it has compiled a large collection of resources on these issues – click here. Topics include Federation of Australia, the national character, the 1967 referendum, the Constitution, the anthem, levels of government, the balance of power, Malcolm Fraser on multiculturalism and the United Nations at work.

ABC Splash also offers three new audio clips to examine Shakespeare’s sonnets, including the famous “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”, with brief notes for teachers. The recordings are designed to help students explore the theme of love, the use of puns and how to detect changes of tone and innuendo. Click here.

Exhibition on the Titanic

The recreation of the Grand Staircase of the Titanic

In Titanic – the Exhibition at the Byron Kennedy Hall, Moore Park, Sydney, the world’s most famous ship comes alive this month. Tickets are on sale until June and the exhibition is on until October. Visitors can relive the opulence and tragedy of the ill-fated giant liner's sinking in 1912 through dramatic room creations like the Grand Staircase pictured above, 375 artefacts, interactive creations and hands-on activities. Each visitor will receive a copy of a boarding pass of an actual Titanic passenger and relive that person's voyage. There's an education kit and more details on the website.

Environmental grants

Members of Teachers Mutual Bank can apply for environmental grants of up to $2000 each from the bank on behalf of their school or TAFE college – you have until 5pm on Wednesday May 10 to apply. The grants are awarded to the institution, not to the individual teacher. The focus is on sustainable environmental projects. Winning projects in the past include outdoor learning areas, chicken coops, habitat conservation, recycling, Aboriginal projects, vegetable and kitchen gardens, and innovative ideas about sustainability education. Click here to apply.