HSC markers' award

Greg Butler
Research/Industrial Officer

Discussions are continuing on payments to HSC markers and eligibility for those payments in negotiations for a new award.

Three unions commenced talks on the new award last November with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). Federation members who mark are represented by their union in these negotiations. Markers from Catholic and independent schools are represented by the Independent Education Union and markers from universities by the National Tertiary Education Union.

The current award was made for the maximum allowed term of three years to the end of 2016. NESA has made an offer of a two-year term to coincide with the final year of examinations on the current HSC syllabuses.

Members will be asked to vote on a proposed award covering HSC markers when negotiations end.

Federation Executive will meet to consider the proposed terms of settlement and make a recommendation to members before the vote.

Applicants for marking are usually notified by NESA (formerly BOSTES) during Term 3 each year of their engagement as markers.

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