JPL in NLA archives

Carly Boreland
Editor, JPL

JPL, the Journal of Professional Learning, has recently been archived into the digital collection of the National Library of Australia (NLA). Through Trove, the NLA’s online collection community, each edition of JPL will be available in a downloadable format and preserved as part of the country’s intellectual and educational history.

Trove states it “brings together content from libraries, museums, archives and other research organisations and gives you tools to explore and build … Best of all, Trove is yours, created and maintained by the National Library of Australia.”

The inaugural edition of JPL, Semester 1, 2015 can be found here.

The JPL website has also been captured and archived by the National Library of Australia’s Pandora Web Archive Program, which describes itself as “a selective collection of web publications and websites relating to Australia and Australians. It includes materials that document the cultural, social, political life and activities of the Australian community and intellectual and expressive activities of Australians”.