Coal train concerns

Jack Galvin Waight
Country Organiser

Federation has serious health and safety concerns

Federation continues to have serious health and safety concerns for students, teachers and residents across the Hunter who are affected by the coal industry with 23,000 children and 1000 teachers at schools within 500m of the coal train corridor in the region and an estimated nine schools within a kilometer of the stockpiles next to Newcastle Harbour.

Federation was made aware that an extension of the Carrington Coal Loader lease to Port Waratah Coal Service is currently being discussed. Federation supports the campaign to phase out the Carrington Coal Loader and wrote to the Premier, Minister for Energy and Industries, Minister for the Environment, MP Tim Crakenthorp and the Port of Newcastle CEO.

In the letter, Federation recommended that the state government and Port of Newcastle work with the community to find a use for that site that does not bring such detrimental impacts on the local community.

Federation urges both the state government and the Port of Newcastle to work with the community to find an alternative use for the site that is more compatible with its proximity to residents, families, schools and TAFE.


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