Children Check deadline

Anna Uren
Relieving Research/Industrial Officer

Teachers will not be able to work without the clearance

With the clock now ticking to the deadline, any secondary teachers who have yet to provide their Working With Children Check clearance number to the Department need to begin the process as soon as possible.

The Department has begun directing employees who have not yet provided their clearance number to engage with the process immediately and to provide relevant details to the Department by March 24.

Teachers who have applied for a clearance (including presenting their identification and making the payment at a Service NSW office), but are still awaiting their clearance number from the Office of the Children’s Guardian, are able to provide their application number to the Department to demonstrate they are engaging with the process. The Department has a special email address to correspond directly on this for teachers yet to complete the process.

The length of time applications are taking to be processed varies considerably depending on a range of factors such as whether a person has had multiple names and how common a name is. The Federation understands that the Office of the Children’s Guardian has put additional resources in place to manage the demand.

Any teacher experiencing difficulties in getting to a Service NSW office in order to complete the application process should notify the Department via that same email address and contact the Federation’s Professional Support section on 1300 654 367 for advice as a matter of urgency.

Federation has been advocating on behalf of members in isolated areas. The Department and Office of the Children’s Guardian have been working together to ensure that people are not unfairly disadvantaged in completing the application process.

It is vital that all secondary teachers complete their application as the Child Protection (Working With Children) Act 2012 prevents the Department from continuing to employ those who have not applied for a clearance. The Teaching Services Act 1980 also allows the Department to suspend teachers without pay who do not provide the Department with their clearance number.

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