Read P&DF advice leaflet

Gary Zadkovich
Deputy President

A teacher's PDF is self-driven

A leaflet with advice and clarification on implementing the Performance and Development Framework for Principals, Executives and Teachers in NSW Public Schools can be found by clicking here.

A key feature of the policy is that the individual classroom teacher, executive or principal is the driver of her or his own professional development.

Federation’s leaflet states: “Teachers, executives and principals have the right to negotiate the observation processes and documentation that best suit their individual professional needs and goals … Teachers may choose to invite the supervisor to observe their teaching practice but the requirement is for an agreed colleague to undertake a minimum of two observations of teaching practice per annual cycle.”

Any Instructional Rounds or Quality Teaching Rounds that are being considered as part of a school’s professional learning must be negotiated with those involved and be consistent with all the requirements of the Framework, the leaflet also advises.

The framework is a significant achievement in maintaining and further enhancing the high quality of teaching and learning in NSW public schools. Indeed, Federation has actively promoted the benefits of a new approach that aptly balances the rights and responsibilities of employees and employer, as outlined in the introduction: “All teachers have a right to be supported in their professional learning, as well as a responsibility to be involved in performance and development processes that facilitate their professional growth and the provision of quality teaching and learning.”

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