Marriage under the British flag

Wil Constable

Wil Constable (left) and Paul Yould at the British Consulate following their wedding ceremony. Wil is principal at Wilsons Creek Public School and Paul Yould teaches at Centaur Public School

September 30, 2016, was a wonderful day for my husband, Paul Yould, and me.

We were married — but alas, under the British flag. The flag of the British gave my husband, through his parentage, the right to marry me, yet under our own flag this cannot happen and our marriage is not recognised in this land.

Love is love. There is no need for any more time-wasting by our national government — let’s have a vote on the floor of parliament to undo the Howard government’s redefinition of the Marriage Act in 2004 (supported by the ALP) that prescribed marriage as an institution between a man and a woman.

As happy as my marriage is under the British flag there is still a sadness in my heart that I cannot marry the man I love under our flag.

The British Consulate staff were wonderful in accommodating the ceremony. The fact that only 30 of my family and friends could be accommodated in the consulate office meant, sadly, that not all friends and family could share our ceremony.

It is time. Australia needs to act.

If so many other nations can accept marriage equality, why is Australia falling behind in such a simple act to recognise a basic human right.

Love is love.