Shelley Fredman Teachers make a huge difference! They should be remunerated and respected accordingly. I remember the few not-so-nice ones, and the good ones from infants, primary and high school still impact my life every so often.

Lynne Riley In order for our children to lead happy lives we must love them well, for love ensures that they have self-esteem. Secondly, we should give them the best education we can afford. Education enables our children to grow with confidence, knowing they will be able to support themselves and their families in the future. Money invested in education ensures that our country is left in good hands. It must be a priority.

Susan New Nothing compares to practical skills. We need to support our TAFE system. The world is full of wonderful buildings and structures that would be impossible to reconstruct in modern times. This demonstrates the need to continue on with our trade skills and technicians so more skills are no longer lost in our progressive society. Our government needs to wake up and provide encouragement for industry to thrive and students to develop in a supportive environment. My husband, Steve, (RIP) was a tradesperson and a TAS [technological and applied studies] teacher who could make and build anything. The best years of his life were filled with the thrill and excitement of passing on his skills to kids who wanted to learn.

Saresa Elizabeth Andrews In my late 60s I studied commercial cookery at Bega TAFE and was able to cook at Ricky’s Place, St John’s Bega, an outreach program for the lonely and homeless. I studied horticulture and have shared my knowledge when I lived in the eco-village, The Bend, in Bega. Bravo to TAFE for embracing older students. It is never too late to learn and contribute to your community.