LSLD'S awful ad hoc path

Well said Maurie! If Local Schools Local Decisions is not the worst policy implemented by a NSW state government, I don’t know what is.

It’s time we re-evaluated our whole approach to policy-making in schools. There has to be some consistency in a statewide system and to ask schools to pretend to make up their own values and priorities is ludicrous.

It hasn’t worked, it never will work, full stop.

Greg Costello
Figtree Heights PS

Respect educators

Over the past 30 years, the status of teachers has been eroded with reduced respect given to the profession (“Students slide in maths, science”, The Australian, 30/11). Salaries have also been eroded which, combined with tightening of funding in the public system, has led to low standards among applicants for teaching courses.

Limited resources and cuts have resulted in special classes disappearing, reduced English teaching for students whose first language is not English, and other resources. All of that adds up to less effective teaching. There is a limit as to how much more anyone can do with less, including remuneration. Add to that political interference by politicians who have little or no understanding of teaching, and it is no wonder education appears to be losing ground.

That is what the Gonski funding model was designed to halt. Lift the funding so that education and teaching is once more seen as an essential service; lift the respect given to educators; raise the status of teachers, and applicants with teaching ability will be attracted to the profession.

The initial two years of Gonski funding is beginning to achieve some hope. Unfortunately, the flow-on has yet to reach the data being reported, and again the profession is having to fight for better funding. Teachers know the difference it makes.

Augusta Monro
Life Member