The School Drama Book: Drama, literature and literacy in the creative classroom

By Robyn Ewing and John Nicholas Saunders. Strawberry Hills, NSW: Currency Press, 2016

“School drama was developed by the Sydney Theatre Company (STC) in 2009, in partnership with the University of Sydney ... This book is a comprehensive school drama resource. It includes: A summary of how drama and literature enhance literacy; An exploration of the school drama approach and methodology; Learning outcomes from the School drama program so far; Exploration of the art and pedagogy of drama (via elements, devices, and roles); 22 classroom dramas: each comprised of a series of workshops that progress through common themes and texts” (back cover).

Cool Industrial Arts [series]

By Rebecca Felix. Minnesota, MN: Abdo Publishing, 2017

A series of six 32-page industrial arts books aimed at lower secondary students. The titles are Cool Battery & Electricity Projects, Cool Engine & Motor Projects, Cool Engineering Projects, Cool Leatherworking Projects, Cool Metalworking Projects and Cool Woodworking Projects. For each project there are easy, step-by-step instructions and photographs.

Take Control of the Noisy Class: From chaos to calm in 15 seconds

By Rob Plevin. Carmathen, Wales; Bethel, CT: Crown House Publishing, 2016

“Relevant to teachers of all age groups, you’ll find useable strategies for establishing classroom routines, gaining respect, making lessons engaging and creating a positive classroom environment as well as in-depth instruction on what Rob considers to be the ‘number one secret to effective behaviour management’” (publisher website).

What Do We Want! The story of protest in Australia

By Clive Hamilton. Canberra: National Library of Australia Publishing, 2016

“Progress occurs because a few individuals begin to demand change. The defenders of the status quo are just as committed, and the stage is set time and again for stories of extraordinary bravery and inspirational leadership. In What Do We Want? Clive Hamilton explores the colourful, enthralling and stirring forms of protest used in the big social movements that defined modern Australia” (back cover).

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