Julie Moon

Beginning Teacher Support Funding changes

Starting in 2017, there will be changes to funding for beginning teachers that will capture eligible temporary teachers.

Delivered through Great Teaching Inspired Learning (GTIL), the funding has been made available through NERA.

The funding is to assist teachers on temporary engagements in their induction, professional development and support in achieving accreditation at Proficient Teacher level. These “funds should primarily be used to provide regular release time for the beginning temporary teacher and an expert teaching colleague to provide practice-based mentoring support”. Programs developed to support the beginning temporary teachers should be flexible to provide support that is tailored to an individual temporary teacher’s needs. To be eligible to receive the funding the teacher employed on a temporary engagement must meet the following criteria:

  • have cumulative past experience with the Department of equivalent to, or less than two years’ full-time experience that includes all previous temporary teaching gained with the Department but excludes all casual experience;
  • are employed under a four-term full-time contract that is consecutive within the calendar year and commenced before the end of the Term 1 census week (week 3);
  • require mandatory accreditation and have not yet achieved accreditation at Proficient Teacher level at the date of entering on duty;
  • have not previously received beginning teacher support funding.

SchoolBiz 25/11/2016

From next year, teachers employed on temporary engagements who meet the criteria will receive:

  • two hours per week release time for the beginning temporary teacher
  • one hour per week release time for an expert teacher to provide practice-based mentoring support.

It is important to note that unlike teachers employed in a permanent position, temporary teachers are not eligible for a second year of funding.

The funding support does not apply to temporary teachers employed to fill a teaching or non-teaching executive position or a principal’s position.

A teacher engaged on a temporary engagement and fits the criteria as set out above who does not receive the beginning teacher support funding in 2017 should contact Professional Support on 1300 654 367.

Teacher Employment Priority Scheme

At recent Casual and Temporary Teachers Seminars there have been questions about the Teacher Employment Priority Scheme (TEPS) and whether it remains in place.

The TEPS recognises all casual and temporary service in NSW public schools by backdating a teacher’s priority date by six months for every 50 days of service in a one-transfer point school, by 12 months for every 50 days of service in a two, four or six-transfer point school and by 18 months for every 50 days in an eight-transfer point school.

More information on the TEPS can be found on the Department’s website.

Teachers who wish to ascertain what their Priority Date is will be able to obtain this information from EDConnect by submitting an online query form here.

Julie Moon is the Officer responsible for casual and temporary teachers. The NSW Teachers Federation’s Casual and Temporary Handbook is under review.

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