Make sure you keep accreditation updated

Nicole Calnan
Membership and Training Officer

Teachers must complete accreditation requirements in the timeframe notified to them by BOSTES

As the year draws to a close, it is a good time to ensure that you are on track with your accreditation requirements, whether that is working towards or maintaining Proficient Teacher accreditation or working towards or maintaining Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher accreditation.

Teachers currently required to be accredited, and those who have voluntarily been accredited at Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher must ensure that they continue to meet the requirements for accreditation.

It is important that teachers keep their contact details (email and postal address) up to date with BOSTES (to be known as the Education Standards Authority from January 1, 2017).

BOSTES has recently sent out invoices for the payment of the 2017 registration fee. Whilst the Federation’s position remains that the employer should meet the costs associated with accreditation (including the payment of the Working With Children Check — see story), members should ensure that they make the payment by the due date on the invoice.

The payment of the annual fee is a legislated requirement. Failure to pay the annual fee may result in the suspension of a teacher’s accreditation. This would mean the teacher was unable to work in any NSW school or early childhood centre as a teacher.

Teachers required to be accredited at Proficient must ensure that they complete the accreditation requirements in the timeframe notified to them by BOSTES. Those maintaining their Proficient Teacher accreditation need to pay close attention to the dates to ensure they complete the required Professional Development hours and their maintenance report in the given timeframe.

Failure to meet the requirements for gaining or maintaining Proficient accreditation could result in a teachers having accreditation ceased, which means they would be unable to work in NSW as a teacher. Federation encourages all members to be mindful of their timeframes for accreditation to avoid a situation whereby they are not able to work in NSW as a teacher.

Pre-2004 teachers

From January 1 2018, all pre–2004 teachers are required to be accredited. This means any teacher who was teaching prior to October 1, 2004 and has not had a break of five or more years away from teaching. Proficient Teacher accreditation is also available to teachers who might currently be on leave or who have recently retired and will return to teaching after a break of less then five years any time up until December 31, 2022.

Pre-2004 teachers will not be provisionally or conditionally accredited. They are not required to provide BOSTES with copies of their qualifications or other evidence that demonstrates they meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.



Step 1

Up-to-date details

  • Follow your employer's instruction regarding your Working With Children Check process.
  • Your employer will forward all necessary details to BOSTES.


Step 2

Online Teacher Accreditation Account

  • BOSTES will set up your online teachers accreditation account.
  • You will receive a "Welcome" emails from BOSTES that will include your user name and password.
  • You will need to activate your accreditation process by logging in.

January 2018

Step 3

$100 Accreditation fee

  • BOSTES will email you an invoice for your 2018 accreditation fee.
  • You must pay the invoice before the start of Term 1 to continue teaching in 2018.

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