Bump It Up: union outlines 'alert' areas

Gary Zadkovich
Deputy President

Union opposed to testing becoming part of Bump It Up

Federation is continuing negotiations with the Department of Education on the Bump It Up strategy.

At a meeting with the Department on 1 December, Federation outlined the steps the Department should take to avoid the Bump It Up strategy becoming the subject of disputation next year.

Specifically, Federation requested that the Department confirm in writing that NAPLAN, other standardised testing and related data are not to be used in the Bump It Up strategy in ways that divert teachers from high-quality professional practice that is based on educationally sound pedagogy, curriculum, assessment and reporting.

Federation emphasised that NSW public school students should not have to suffer the damaging effects of the misuse of standardised testing, such as the narrowing of curriculum through “teaching to the test”, that has undermined the quality of education in other educational jurisdictions around the world.

If the Federation and Department can reach agreement on these fundamental matters, it would provide the basis for a cooperative approach to supporting schools in achieving the aims of the strategy.

If a satisfactory resolution of these concerns is not achieved by the Federation Executive meeting of February 14, 2017, an appropriate professional and industrial response will be recommended to February Council.

Executive will develop a range of strategies to support the campaign to maintain high standards of curriculum, assessment and reporting in NSW public schools. This work will be informed by the relevant Federation committees and a campaigns course (or courses) to be conducted through Trade Union Training in Term 1 next year.

Federation will liaise with the NSW Primary Principals’ Association and the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council on this matter.