Bill Gillespie
Rosemary McDowall

Recently Adobe has released a number of apps to work with Illustrator, Photoshop and Premier.

The Illustrator family of apps includes Illustrator Draw, which allows you to use the familiar Illustrator tools in a new interface and easily send your drawing to Illustrator CC for refinement and Illustrator Line which makes it easy to draw perfectly straight lines, geometric shapes and perspective views and send them to Illustrator CC or even Photoshop CC.

The Photoshop family of apps includes Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Sketch and Lightroom Mobile. Adobe Photoshop Mix gives you powerful, easy-to-use tools that let you combine and cut out images, apply looks and make non-destructive edits on your iPhone or iPad.

As Photoshop Mix seamlessly integrates with Photoshop CC you can take advantage of features such as Content-Aware Fill and Camera Shake Reduction. Photoshop Sketch is Adobe’s drawing app that gives you natural drawing tools such as pens, pencils, markers and erasers and custom brushes.

Because Sketch is part of Adobe Creative Cloud, you have access to everything it offers, including royalty-free assets in Creative Cloud Market and custom brushes in Creative Cloud Libraries. In just one click you can send your sketches to Photoshop or Illustrator to make further refinements.

Lightroom Mobile allows you to organise images anywhere, anytime on your iPad or iPhone. With Lightroom Mobile you can enhance everything from smartphone photos to raw images from Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras using powerful and familiar tools.

The app automatically allows you to sync all your mobile edits with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 on your desktop. The app makes it a simple affair to easily share all your photos to social media sites.

Adobe Premier Clip is Adobe’s first video editing app that brings the power of Premier Pro CC to the mobile environment. Like all of the apps mentioned, Adobe Premiere Clip is a free app that makes it fast and easy to create amazing videos. Capture the moment by shooting video on the go, and then use Premiere Clip to bring clips together and add the finishing touches that make a video look and sound fantastic.

All of the projects you create sync across your devices, so you can start on your iPhone and pick up where you left off on your iPad. Like all of the apps mentioned you can share your creations from anywhere.

Adobe has also released three other apps to inspire creativity, Adobe Colour CC, Adobe Brush CC and Adobe Shape CC.

Adobe Colour CC (formerly Adobe Kuler) allows you to create colour themes on your iPhone from your photos. Adobe Brush CC transforms any image or photo you take on your iPhone and iPad into unique brushes that can be used with Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC or Photoshop Sketch. Adobe Shape CC gives you the ability to turn shapes and objects from high-contrast photos that you take on your iPhone into editable vectors for use in Illustrator CC and Illustrator Draw. While this is impressive the best results do come when Adobe Shape CC can define the edges of objects, so high-contrast images definitely work the best.

If you have iPads in your school we urge you to have a look at the latest free apps from Adobe.

Bill Gillespie teaches at Elanora Heights PS and is an Adobe Educational Leader. Rosemary McDowall is currently on secondment at State Office. They can be contacted at