Fresh look for Stewart House

Amanda Bisset
Stewart House

Stewart House has a new logo, better reflecting what the charity does.

The logo depicts two hands "high-fiving" in front of the actual Curl Curl beach surfline with sky and sand, which Stewart House overlooks. Children in residence at Stewart House frequent the beach and are encouraged to make new friends during their 12-day stay.

The new tagline is "Changing children's lives since 1931".

Every year 1800 public school children attend Stewart House next to Curl Curl beach at no cost to their parents or carers. This experience provides children with a much-needed break from their current circumstance. The children are inspired to see beyond the present and to have real hope and positive aspirations for their future.

Children participate in educational programs and excursions designed to develop their social and emotional skills, build self-esteem and improve their overall wellbeing. They are also provided with dental, optical, hearing and medical screening and treatment.

Stewart House chief executive officer Graeme Philpotts said the new logo instantly shows a friendly, comfortable and uplifting exchange between two children, depicting the best possible outcome of a stay at Stewart House — children leaving with positive aspirations for a future beyond their current circumstance.

"High-fiving is a celebration and we feel that is appropriate for our logo as we celebrate with them the constructive impact we can have on our youngster's lives," he said.

Stewart House relies completely on charitable donations and the re-branding process sought input from a variety of corporate sponsors and long-term supporters. The logo was designed by On Create Communications on a pro bono basis.

On Create Communications creative director Fred Madderom said: "Children, adults, sportspeople, all celebrate major (and minor) achievements with a 'high five'. After searching to see if anyone had used a 'high five' in a logo previously, I was surprised to find no one had. I saw it as an obvious and appropriate opportunity."

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Logo changes

The Stewart House logo was originally the stars of Southern Cross, with the tagline "For Others". About 15 years ago the logo changed to a leaping dolphin, affectionately known as 'Stewie'.