Ryde-Macquarie TA dinner

Theo Bougatsas

Ryde-Macquarie Association held its sixth Annual Public Education Dinner for Stewart House on October 28 with some 60 guests regaled with wonderful talks, including an address by keynote speaker Dr Pat Ranald.

Federation President Maurie Mulheron started the evening with a toast to public education. This was followed by a wonderful talk by former Secondary Principals Council president Lila Mularcyk who gave her poignant and heartfelt reflections on Gonski with great stories about Gonski's success.

Dr Ranald spoke on the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement (TPPA), with reference to public education. Her great talk clearly articulated the danger and threats to the provision of public services and more generally the TPPA's threat to labour rights.

More than $1500 was raised on the night for Stewart House; over the years the Ryde-Macquarie Association has raised well in excess of $10,000 for Federation's number one charity.

The night was made more poignant with a small presentation to union legend Jack Mundey, who has been a great supporter of the event and whose first environmental campaign took place locally at Kelky's Bush. A great night for all.