Allan West

Input on union’s work

PhD student Mihajla Gavin from the Business School at the University of Sydney, is investigating how Federation advances the conditions of teachers and the effectiveness of its decision-making activities in major campaigns over the past 30 years. She has the endorsement of General Secretary John Dixon and has interviewed Federation President Maurie Mulheron and Deputy President Gary Zadkovich.

She wants to speak to people who have been involved in any of the following campaigns: Bega HS staffing dispute (1984-5); Teacher Efficiency Review (1985-6); opposition to the two-tier wages system and Structural Efficiency Principle (1986-90); loss of 2500 teaching positions under the Greiner/Metherell government (1988-9); the Meadowbank Decision (1989-90); Schools Renewal/Scott Management Review (1982-92); Global Budgeting, Flexible School Resource Management Trial and the Baumgart Staffing Review (1989-99); 1996 Salaries and Status campaign (1995-6); casual women teachers' pay discrimination case (the “Amery case”) (1995-6); 1999 Salaries and Status campaign (1998-2000); Local Schools, Local Decisions (2008-14). Contact Ms Gavin by email by clicking here or phone 0417 427 560.

Talks to members

Science teacher and researcher of Tasmanian devils Betty Jacobs spoke to members on October 14 about the work being done with healthy devils in the Arthur River area. Her $100 donation went to Stewart House.

At the September 23 meeting, Terry Jones introduced Peter Large of Books in Homes Australia who said there were about 800,000 Australian children without books in their homes. This term, Books in Homes is reaching 16,000 children. The $100 donation went to Books in Homes Australia.

EPA at Pagewood

Glynnis Brown moved that RTA express its disappointment at the lack of Environmental Protection Authority involvement, so far, in the restoration of the old ICI site, opposite Pagewood PS. The activity urgently requires monitoring during the remediation of the toxic site, especially for asbestos fibres. The RTA is extremely disappointed at the loss of about 40 students from Pagewood PS to other schools, believing the drop in enrolments may be over concerns about the removal of contaminated soil, the safe storage of toxic industrial waste, asbestos fibres, TCE, PCE, and the contaminated groundwater.

Volunteers needed

  • Sally George of the Reading Writing Hotline wants qualified language and/or literacy qualified teachers to help adults. Contact her on 1300 655506 or email by clicking here.
  • Scarlette Beggs, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Westmead, is calling for volunteer teachers for children for Westmead Hospital’s Back on Track program. Call (02) 9845 0418.

Union booklet

Ron Denham reported on the Combined Retired Union Members Association (CRUMA) of September 19. Unions NSW will give financial support to retired unionists to enable the completion of the booklet, How to Join a Union. It was suggested that it can be handed out at TAFE colleges. CRUMA is concerned about a state government proposal to privatise five public hospitals. The Parramatta Female Factory held its annual Riot Day re-enactment on October 28.

Octogenarian cakes

Therese Medhurst is pleased to receive the names of members turning 80 this year to give you a Lions Club cake. Call (02) 9519 8609.

Indian drugs

Ian Massingham sent off RTA's endorsement to the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network (AFTINet) to stop cheaper medicines coming here from India. Since Ronald Reagan’s presidency in the 1980s, the United States has controlled the narrative of trade, declaring that the world needs democracy and free trade. Free trade unleashes forces that eventually results in the loss of our car manufacturing. It is far better for governments to intervene through social services support or retraining.

Allan West is the Secretary, NSW Retired Teachers Association and can be contacted on (02) 9484 5693


November 16: Luncheon at 99 on York, noon

November 24: Tour of Leuralla Toy and Rail Museum (Evatt Museum) at 36 Olympian Parade, Leura at 11.30am via 9.18am train from Central Station, Platform 7 (contact Max Prince 0413 473 983)
For more information contact Allan West visit the RTA blog or Federation’s website.

November 22: Visit to Coolamon. For information, contact Geoff Amos on (02) 6922 5108 or email by clicking here


November 11: Lunch 12.15pm; AGM 1pm; general meeting 2pm

December 9: Christmas lunch, noon; performance of Darlington PS, 1pm; general meeting, 1.45pm

December 13: Meeting at Riverina NSWTF Office, Wagga Wagga, starting at 10.45am for election of officers, Christmas get-together, early planning for 2017

November 20: Armidale City Bowling Club, 92-96 Dumaresq Street, 6pm.

For more information contact Elizabeth O’Hara on 0408 670 684 or email.