Developing dialogue about texts in class

Kathy Deacon
Director, Centre for Professional Learning

The Centre for Professional Learning delivered its first three-day course in 2016, Developing Dialogue about Texts in Secondary Schools. Its focus was to help participants identify the language demands of texts commonly read and written in the secondary school and recognising the features of their students’ writing.

The presenters, Dr Kathy Rushton and Joanne Rossbridge, focused on the teaching of writing as the context in which grammar is taught to support meaning and outlined those grammatical features which best support teachers to make an impact on students who are writing extended responses.

Participants from various secondary faculties were provided with practical examples of strategies for engaging students in writing and helping students to write effectively. The participants’ evaluation comments confirmed the value of this course:

  • “This course was incredibly valuable and practical for secondary classrooms. ”
  • “The three days provided me with the opportunity to be with colleagues and discuss the implementation of teaching strategies. I found most useful the explicit explanation of the features of academic writing. The understanding of lexical density and nominalisation to develop a more academic style of writing is crucial.”

Participants completed three assignments and were required to undertake preparatory readings between sessions. The course contributed to 21 hours of Quality Teaching Council registered Professional Development for maintenance of accreditation at Proficient.

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