Australian teachers work 100 more hours: OECD

More face-to-face hours add to teacher workload

A new OECD report underscores the need for continued Gonski funding with its finding that Australian class sizes were above the OECD average and funding for primary schools below the average.

The report shows Australian teachers bear a far heavier workload with primary schoolteachers teaching 872 hours while the OECD average is 776, and similar gaps across all classes.

The research shows there is a lack of substance in allegations that Australian schools are over-resourced, Australian Education Union Federal President Correna Haythorpe said.

“Australian teachers are doing more face-to-face teaching than the OECD average, and teaching bigger classes, because out school system is under-resourced.”

Click here to read the AEU media release on the OECD report in full.