Principals say wider testing talks needed

Kerri Carr

Reposition standardised testing, principals urge

The NSW Secondary Principals’ Council is calling for a more serious discourse about what and how school performance is measured.

The professional body believes the focus on standardised testing such as NAPLAN and PISA rankings needs to be repositioned to consider broader definitions of school success.

Investigating how other countries measure school success is crucial to this discussion, NSW Secondary Principals’ Council President Chris Presland stated in a media release issued on August 31.

“While politicians suggest that it is evidence-based best practice, rather than funding, that will see students achieve the best results, the NSW SPC maintains it is not an ‘either/or’ debate. Both are necessary.

"Equitable funding is intrinsically linked to international measures of educational success such as access and participation,” he states.

“The evidence shows that what really makes a difference to the quality of education is the interaction between high-quality teachers, engaged students and a flexible curriculum. "