Part time SDD rule

Julie Moon
City Organiser

Part time teachers need to make sure they are given access to training that might be offered on their days off

On January 1, all NSW government schools were required to arrange for Recognition and Management of Anaphylaxis Training to be in a face-to-face mode of delivery by the Department’s approved panel of registered training providers.

The training was to be delivered in a way that would ensure that a significant proportion of staff would attend the training, subject to essential student supervision requirements.

This led to schools having to schedule the mandatory face-to-face training on School Development Days (SDD) throughout the year.

This, once again, raised the issue of whether permanent part-time teachers, teachers on part-time leave and temporary part-time teachers would have access to the training if it did not occur on a day on which they would usually work.

Federation raised this issue with the Department at its Management Committee Meeting held in August.

A response from the Director, Industrial Relations states:

“Where a school development day is run on a day that the permanent part time or temporary part time teacher usually works there is no impact.

“Where a school development day is run on a day that a permanent part time or temporary part time teacher does not work the following options are available and can be managed at a local level depending on need and/or whether the training is for compliance purposes:

  • the teacher by election/agreement with the principal does not attend; or
  • the teacher attends and has one of the usual work days off in lieu that immediately follow the school development day;
  • the teacher attends and is paid as a casual for that day.

“Where a casual teacher attends a school development day [s/he is] paid for that day.”

Documentation on school development days for principals is currently under review. The Director, Industrial Relations has confirmed that information on the matter will be included in correspondence sent to principals.

The document can be found here.

Julie Moon is the Officer responsible for casual and temporary teachers

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