The Oral Language Book: Embedding Talk Across the Curriculum

By Sheena Cameron and Louise Dempsey. Auckland, New Zealand: S & L Publishing, 2016

“This practical book outlines strategies and ideas which will support teachers to include more quality ‘learning talk’ in their programmes and embed purposeful oral language opportunities across the curriculum. It contains research-based ideas and activities and the resource material to translate this into classroom practice. The Oral Language Book is a pick-up-and-use resource that includes a wide range of photocopiable and downloadable material that can be used to support busy classroom teachers” (back cover).

Setting the Standard for Project-based Learning: A Proven Approach to Rigorous Classroom Instruction

By John Larmer, John Mergendoller and Suzie Boss. Alexandria, VA: ASCD, 2015

“Project-based learning (PBL) is gaining renewed attention with the current focus on college and career readiness and the performance-based emphases of Common Core State Standards... Today’s projects need to be rigorous, engaging, and in-depth, and they need to have student voice and choice built in. Such projects require careful planning and pedagogical skill. The authors... take readers through the step-by-step process of how to create, implement, and assess PBL using a classroom-tested framework. Also included are chapters for school leaders on implementing PBL system-wide and the use of PBL in informal spaces” (back cover).

Differentiation in Middle and High School: Strategies to Engage All Learners

By Kristina J. Doubet and Jessica A. Hockett. Alexandria, VA: ASCD, 2015

The authors “explain how to: Create a healthy classroom in which students’ unique qualities and needs are as important as the ones they have in common; Translate curriculum into manageable and meaningful learning goals that are fit to be differentiated; Use pre-assessment and formative assessment to uncover students’ learning needs and tailor tasks accordingly; Present students with avenues to take in, process, and produce knowledge that appeal to their varied interests and learning profiles; Navigate roadblocks to implementing differentiation. Each chapter provides a plethora of practical tools, templates, and strategies for a variety of subject areas developed by and for real teachers” (back cover).

Dyscalculia Pocketbook

By Judy Hornigold. Alresford, Hants: Teachers’ Pocketbooks, 2015

“In the Dyscalculia Pocketbook you will find out exactly what dyscalculia is (and why it’s not the same as maths anxiety); discover the possible causes of dyscalculia, its different subtypes and the learning difficulties it gives rise to; learn about different ways to identify dyscalculia and – importantly – find support strategies for supporting children who have this specific learning difficulty” (publisher website).

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