Sixth day for IRC dispute

Jen Dive
Industrial/Research Officer

Federation is pressing ahead with its dispute with the Department over the employment of school psychologists, with the matter now going into a sixth day in the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC). Federation’s aim is to protect the role of school counsellors and ensure that every NSW student has access to a dual-qualified school counsellor.

It was originally anticipated that the case would be heard over three days in the IRC but as the case progressed it became apparent, due to the extensive evidence submitted by both parties, that a number of further dates would be required.

Federation presented its case and a number of Federation witnesses gave evidence on June 21, 22 and 28. The witnesses were from a broad cross-section of the membership including practising school counsellors, a district guidance officer and principals.

The Department of Education’s witnesses gave evidence on June 28, July 20 and 27.

Both parties have now concluded presenting their evidence. Written closing submissions will be submitted to the Commission. On September 1, additional oral submissions will be given to conclude the case.