Work-related stress

Federation wants examination of stress risk-factors

Federation is seeking the establishment of a joint working party with TAFE to consider a more effective risk management approach to work-related stress.

The union is calling for the proposed working party to determine an appropriate methodology for a survey to be conducted in order to identify risk factors associated with work-related stress. This would include consideration of:

  • system-level demands from TAFE, on teachers and head teachers in terms of various policies, procedures, initiatives, mandatory requirements with particular reference to EBS and LMBR
  • the resources and support available to meet these demands
  • the impact of insecure employment on casual and temporary teachers
  • the level of control and professional judgement that teachers and head teachers have in relation to their work
  • the impact of constant change
  • exposure of teachers and head teachers to violent behaviour, bullying and harassment and whether the current systems to address these issues are effective in minimising the risks
  • the stigma many perceive to be attached to those with a mental health issue.

Federation is also calling for the joint party to investigate the processes in TAFE ensuring that all work injury notifications go to the relevant managers.

Additionally, the union believes a feedback process should be included in any notification such that the notifier is guaranteed that the notification is being investigated and acted upon by the relevant manager.

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