Outstanding activism

From left, new Life Members: Lindy Nolan, Steve Almond, Glenn Johnson, Charline Emzin-Boyd, Joan Tranter, Janine Kitson, Stephen Kelly

Life Membership of Federation has been bestowed on seven members with an outstanding record of activism and teaching service.

Stephen Almond, Charline Emzin-Boyd, Glenn Johnson, Stephen Kelly, Janine Kitson, Lindy Nolan and Joan Tranter were applauded by members gathered at Sydney Town Hall on day one of Federation’s Annual Conference.

Steve Almond taught in behaviour schools, fighting equally for the wellbeing of students in his care and the welfare of teachers in such schools. Charline Emzin-Boyd is Federation’s Aboriginal Education Coordinator, who has been a bridge to Federation for many Indigenous teachers.

Glenn Johnson spent his teaching career in western NSW schools and says he learned from his time as a Country Organiser that whatever is happening at your school is occurring across the system and needs a collective response.

Steve Kelly has taught for 38 years and been an activist for every one of those years. He’s currently Vice President of Newcastle Trades Hall.

Janine Kitson’s activity and activism within Federation is wide ranging, including Gonski, environmental causes, the ABC, reviewing books for Education and raising funds for Stewart House.

As a teacher and now in retirement, Lindy Nolan lives the life of a radical activist working for a more just society; she is living proof of the power of grassroots activism.

Aunty Joan Tranter is a loved and respected figure throughout Federation. She has worked hard to create mechanisms in education to fulfil the potential of Aboriginal students and teachers. She is the inaugural elder in residence at UTS.

Federation now has about 60 active Life Members and more than 150 honorary Life Members.

The union paid tribute to six Life Members who passed away since the previous Annual Conference: Ken Dodd, Alan Jones, Phillip Read, Harvey Rose, Eve Sheehan and Sue Wilde.