Apply now for the Eric Pearson Study Grant 2017

Dr Eric Pearson

Applications are invited for the 2017 Eric Pearson Study Grant, named in honour of the president of the Teachers Federation from 1974 to 1975.

Eric Pearson, who was also President of the Australian Teachers Federation, commenced his teaching career in small country schools as a two-year-trained teacher. When World War II broke out he went into active service in New Guinea and Borneo.

He subsequently returned to teaching and further study, receiving a PhD from London University. He had a distinguished teaching and lecturing career that included an appointment as head of the Department of Education at Sydney Teachers College. Eric Pearson died on June 8, 1977.

The first Eric Pearson award, originally called the Eric Pearson Memorial Travel Grant, was made in 1980.

Summary of conditions
All applicants must be current financial members of Federation.

The 2017 award provides for $23,460 to be used for travel, accommodation and expenses associated with the study. The maximum period of the award is 30 working days. Any private travel arrangements made in conjunction with the award are the responsibility of the recipient.

No grant monies will be extended until a detailed, preliminary budget is approved by the General Secretary (or nominee). The General’s Secretary’s approval for subsequent alterations to the preliminary budget must also be sought. Money will be advanced at suitable times to facilitate arrangements. All receipts must be forwarded to the General Secretary for expenses incurred. Failure to do so will result in the applicant being required to refund any monies advanced.

The financial arrangements are subject to the review of the General Secretary, and, if necessary, Federation Executive.

The recipient will document the results of her/his study and lodge them with Federation for the use of the union. Depending on circumstances, there may also be a requirement to provide a written report to the Department of Education.

The recipient is required to give an oral report to Annual Conference, as well as contribute article/s as appropriate to Education.

All research and travel must be completed by the end of 2017 with a final report being submitted to Federation’s Communications Unit before the last day of term 1, 2018. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the recipient being required to refund any monetary amounts already received.

The successful applicant will be required to sign a Deed of Agreement in relation to the above conditions.

Possible areas of study
The study should look at an area of industrial and professional relevance to the NSW Teachers Federation as a union and/or a group or groups of members.

Current campaigns of interest to the union include:

  • assessment, testing and reporting
  • casualisation of teaching
  • child protection/rights of teachers and students
  • early childhood education
  • edu-business/privatisation of education
  • equity issues
  • funding of education
  • industrial relations and bargaining
  • multiculturalism/racism
  • reconciliation and Indigenous issues
  • restructuring and reorganisation of education
  • salary and status of teachers
  • school accountability and performance issues
  • special education and integration issues
  • specialist areas in education
  • staffing of schools and colleges
  • workplace bullying.

This list is not exhaustive. Potential applicants may suggest other topics of relevance they might wish to study.

It is the responsibility of the successful applicant to make contact with organisations and individuals in connection with the study.

Members are reminded that they are entitled to make use of the Federation library services at any stage of development of their application, or after an award has been made.

Leave arrangements
Where the Eric Pearson Study Grant is made to a member employed by the Department of Education, BOSTES, Corrective Services, TAFE Commission or Federation, leave with pay will be sought for the successful applicant.

While the Federation will request leave with pay from the relevant employer, not all recipients may be entitled to that industrial condition. The recipient needs to be aware that under no circumstances will the Federation reimburse a recipient for salary lost or foregone as a result of accepting the study grant.

Criteria for assessing applications
1. Relevance and benefit to the union, that is, the contribution that the intended study may make to the knowledge and understanding of members with respect to industrial and professionally relevant issues. It is not intended that the award be primarily for the benefit of the person undertaking the study, for example, to assist that person with completion of courses of study or to attend conferences.

2. The background of the applicant as a committed union member.

3. The clarity of the proposal, using the proforma application. There must be reasoned advocacy for the work of the study.

The Eric Pearson Study Grant Restricted Committee may conduct teleconferences with individual applicants in order to obtain more detail or clarification regarding their applications.

Information and application forms
Application forms are to be completed online here.

For any further information, please email Dr Mary Fogarty, Research/Industrial Officer.

Applications must be submitted by 5pm on August 22.