Ready for Wear It Purple?

Alicia Heymel

Sharing videos and photos helps spread the message

Primary and high schools across the country are getting organised for this year’s Wear It Purple Day, coming up on August 26. It’s a fantastic way for your school to celebrate gender and sexual diversity within your school and broader community whilst supporting LGBTIQ young people. The youth-led, not-for-profit organisation aims to empower, educate and create change through positive action.

The first step in getting your school involved in the 2016 Wear It Purple Day is to find some support. School counsellors, the Equity and Diversity Unit, head teachers, a supportive teacher, and P&C can assist you in setting up your school’s event.

Once your school has decided to hold an event make sure you register at so you can be kept informed, receive updates and resources, such as free Wear It Purple wristbands. Each year, Wear It Purple holds a wristband design competition that students and community members can participate in during the lead-up to the event.

Your Wear It Purple Day event can take on any form you choose, so get creative! Student groups, teachers and community members have organised bake-offs, painted purple and rainbow walls, set up photo booths and flash mobs.

Federation’s library has an extensive list of LGBTIQ resources that could be utilised to set up a Wear It Purple Day reading nook in your school or library.

Wear It Purple Day events don’t just create positive change and culture within a school but can reach the broader community. Sharing your videos and photos of the day encourages others to Wear It Purple too.

Alicia Heymel is a LGBTIQ Restricted Committee member