ALP resolute on debating bill to keep TAFE at 70pc

NSW Labor MP Prue Carr at a TAFE rally

NSW shadow skills minister Prue Car is determined to have the parliament debate a bill that would cap contestable vocational education and training (VET) funding for private providers to 30 per cent.

In March, NSW ALP leader Luke Foley introduced the Technical and Further Education Amendment (TAFE Funding Guarantee) Bill 2016 in March to “ensure the future health of TAFE in NSW”, but the Baird government delayed debate on the bill, so the bill lapsed.

Last month, Ms Car moved a motion that the bill be reintroduced. She said if the bill lapses again she would continue to press for it to be reintroduced.

Federation welcomes the bill as it would guarantee TAFE at least 70 per cent of VET funding. Mr Foley took the 30 per cent cap policy to the last state election.

As the election approaches, Federation is urging the federal Labor party to adopt policy that will cap funding for private VET providers at 30 per cent.

Kerri Carr