May Day solidarity

TAFE and Corrective Services teachers march at the rally

Gonski supporters and TAFE activists ensured that education funding issues were given prominence at May Day events with the Turnbull government just hours ahead of the march announcing it would not fully fund fund Gonski beyond 2017 and deliver less than one-third of Gonski funding up until 2020.

In stark contrast, the Labor Opposition has committed to fully funding Gonski with an extra $4.5 billion in needs-based funding for schools over 2018-19.

At the Sydney May Day rally, Federation Deputy President Gary Zadkovich told the crowd that there was now a clear choice for the federal election, choosing between much needed resources for schools or cuts to vital programs.

School and TAFE teachers also joined May Day celebrations in the regions on the Saturday and Sunday, including events in Newcastle and Wollongong, plus a march and fun day in Grafton.

In the beginning, May Day marches demanded an eight-hour working day, and since then the day has been used as a focus point to campaign for a range of working conditions and social issues, as well as honouring the struggles of workers of the past.

Kerri Carr