School psychologists

Joan Lemaire
Senior Vice President

Union seeking to protect the role of school counsellors

Federation has filed its evidence for the arbitration of the dispute relating to the employment of school psychologists.

Arbitration will take place in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission on June 21, 22 and 28, over the Department of Education’s proposal that the positions of school counsellor and school psychologist will be interchangeable parts of the “School Counselling Service”.

Federation is seeking to protect the role of school counsellors in terms of supporting both student learning and student wellbeing, as well as maintaining the dual qualifications necessary to carry out its role.

The union is also seeking to protect and maintain the number of positions of school counsellors and differentiate their work so that school psychologists cannot be used on an interchangeable basis with school counsellors.

Federation believes that the work of the school psychologist cannot replace that of a school counsellor and should only be used to supplement the work of school counsellors.

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