Collaborative approach on new school staffing

Gary Zadkovich
Deputy President

Good feedback on joint workshops

The new school staffing agreement came into effect this school term and will apply until the end of term 1, 2020. It establishes a regulatory framework for the NSW public school system that provides security, stability and protection for students and teachers.

To clarify new provisions in the agreement and support schools to implement staffing procedures to the highest standards of probity, transparency and accountability, the Department of Education and Federation are jointly delivering training for principals and Federation Representatives.

Directors, Public Schools and Federation Organisers across the state are co-presenting the training workshops, which also cover the Performance and Development Framework that was introduced last year. Feedback from workshops held to date indicates that they are beneficial and well received.

The training aims to develop a collaborative, partnership approach to implementing the staffing procedures in each school. It encourages principals and Federation Representatives to emulate the positive approach and goodwill that characterised negotiations between the Department and Federation to achieve a new agreement.

A key issue clarified in the training is the implementation of clause 16. Subject to the amount and continuity of additional needs-based funding, the ongoing requirement of the role and the educational needs of the school, permanent appointments can now be made to positions established above the school’s teacher staffing entitlement.

Staffing codes: The Department and Federation are working on a review of staffing codes during this school term. The Staffing Procedure will be amended to account for any changes arising from this review.

New promotion system: The Department and Federation have recently commenced work on developing a new system for promotion to executive and principal positions in the NSW public school teaching service. The aim is for this work to be completed by the end of this term.

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