Gonski – what’s at stake?

It is now absolutely clear just how much money in school funding is in jeopardy in this federal election.

Figures released by the ALP (shown right) show how much funding schools in each electorate would receive under the fully-funded Gonski model — it is also how much money these schools stand to lose under the Coalition’s plan to cut Gonski funding.

Many people are also surprised to learn just how little of the original Gonski funding has so far been rolled out to schools.

Over the six-year transition period (second table), the bulk of funding was to be delivered in years five and six, and while 2016 is the third year of increased funding only 18 per cent of the total amount has yet been delivered.

As well as the significant quantities of funding, the other element of the Gonski funding model that is at risk is needs-based funding distribution.

Under the Gonski model, funding goes to the students of greatest need, no matter which school they attend.