Calls to ring change

Kerri Carr

Skye Lang phones fellow teachers

Teachers are volunteering to reach out to other teachers over what is at stake at the election for public education in the forthcoming federal election.

Hassall Grove PS teacher Skye Lang said she chose to volunteer to call fellow Federation members in marginal electorates because “Gonski is important”.

“Gonski needs-based funding has provided additional resources for our school, including teacher aides, which has led to improved student outcomes in literacy, numeracy and social skills,” she said.

The union hopes all members in key marginal electorates will be reached to ensure they are aware of what is at stake at the polls on July 2.

Callers are being told Labor and the Greens have promised to deliver in full the last two years of the six-year Gonski school funding model but that a Coalition government would scrap the funding model and the funding that schools urgently need.

They are being told how much Gonski funding the schools in the electorate in which they live will forego if the Turnbull government is re-elected.

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