Parents worry over cuts

Michelle Barlow
NSW Gonski Seat Coordinator

Plenty of support for Gonki at Winmalee High

AEU President Correna Haythorpe visited schools in the Blue Mountains and the Hawkesbury and was welcomed by parents at Faulconbridge PS who celebrated the achievements of Gonski funding but showed worry over what would happen to these programs after 2017 if Gonski funding is cut.

The school has implemented a transition to kindergarten program for those crucial first schooling experiences and introduced a speech pathology program among other improvements.

Next stop was Winmalee High where staff said Gonski funding has opened up opportunities for disengaged students through the Apprenticeship Mentoring Program, and a new Learning Hub for students needing extra help.

Richmond High sang a similar success story with the appointment of a head teacher responsible for heading up the Learning and Support Team, and several other initiatives.

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