Banking on funding

Christine Paulinich
NSW Gonski Seat Coordinator

Penshurst parents and teachers line up for Gonski

In the seat of Banks, parent Kylie Cook shared her son’s story with AEU President Correna Haythorpe, who is on a statewide tour of marginal electorates.

Principals, teachers and parents of local schools were very happy to tell Ms Haythorpe about the great things happening in their schools because of Gonski funding.

Ms Cook told the AEU President about the marked improvement that the funding brought to her son’s learning at Hannans Road Primary School where he had rceived individual attention through staffing and programs the school had been able to invest in.

This year, with the boy now in high school, she can see the difference in his progress and outlook. Ms Cook is a very vocal advocate for Gonski.

Teachers at GRC Penshurst Girls Campus were only too willing to explain how they have had extra professional development from the funding, extending their skills.

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