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A closer look at spelling in the primary classroom

Growing independent learners: from literacy standards to stations, K-3

By Rob Salter. Alresford, Hants: Teachers’ Pocketbooks, 2016

“Classroom presence is the effect created by your teacher persona. Drawing on material from the worlds of acting and improvisation, sports psychology and NLP, this book demonstrates how to develop your persona and radiate presence. Learn about ‘status techniques’ and how to tap into a shared energy with your audience; master the triad of skills that create presence; work with your ‘cultural architects’, and see your classroom as a stage where voice, breathing, spatial awareness and costume all play a part” (publisher website).

By Grace Oakley and Janet Fellowes. Newtown, NSW: Primary English Teaching Association Australia, 2016

This book “will help primary and pre-service teachers by providing them with understandings, based on research and theory, which would help them choose and use appropriate pedagogical strategies to teach spelling to students with diverse needs, including those from EALD backgrounds and those with difficulties and disabilities that impact on spelling” (back cover).

By Debbie Diller. Portland, ME: Stenhouse, 2016

“The first four chapters lay the foundation with planning, organising, and instruction that are essential for success with literacy work stations. From creating a model classroom and developing planning tools to co-creating anchor charts, Debbie gives you creative ideas for making the most of your classroom environment to support student independence. Later chapters focus on standards-based instruction built around key reading, writing, and foundational skills as well as speaking, listening, and language standards” (back cover).

From seatwork to feetwork: engaging students in their own learning

By Ron Nash. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin, 2012

“In his engaging style, Ron Nash shows teachers how to create a student-centred environment that transforms learners from passive attendees into active participants and leaders in the classroom … This collection of practical strategies helps teachers: redesign classroom space to facilitate collaboration, conversation, and participation; create engaging, active, and project-based instruction; connect classroom learning with real-world workplaces; implement best practices for facilitating collaboration among students; foster 21st century skills” (back cover). Principally aimed at secondary school teachers.

I gave a Gonski: selected speeches

By David Gonski. Viking, 2015

“In this collection of speeches, he writes about the issues he feels passionately about ­­— everything from the importance of philanthropy to why we need more women on boards, from what makes a good company director to why better education funding is of such critical importance to our nation” (back cover).

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