Inverell TA

Members: 240
President: Chris King
Vice President: Alex Wrobbel
Secretary: Cath Lyell
Treasurer: Tanya McKinlay

Our area and community: Nestled in a picturesque valley beside the Macintyre River in the New England region of north-west NSW, Inverell has a local population of 16,075 and a district population of 18,000. The traditional owners of the area are the Kamilaroi/Gamilaroi/Gomeroi people.

The population is diverse — the aged remain to enjoy their retirement, the strong business community is moving from strength to strength and the young people, once upon a time leaving in search of life experience, return to the community to raise their own families in Inverell’s warm and welcoming community.

Our meetings: The Association meets the Tuesday after each council at the Union Bar in Inverell. Members encourage other members to attend through word of mouth. We encourage attendance by using an appealing and relaxed venue where members can enjoy light refreshments and by changing meeting times to cater for more teachers within the Inverell schools community.

We have a strong committee: in addition to the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer we have a Women’s Contact, Angela Legge and Aboriginal Education Contact, Russell Honnery, and our Organiser is Susan Armstead. The President and Treasurer, as well as Russell, are Aboriginal members.

Teacher demographics: There are experienced teachers who have been a part of the Inverell community their whole lives, with some teaching for most of their career at the local school they once attended, and on the other side there are newly-appointed teachers who are fresh to the area. The Association comprises permanent, temporary and casual teachers.

Our focus: The association has goals for 2016 to attend local markets to publicise NSWTF and current campaigns and to boost membership. We are concentrating on boosting attendance numbers at meetings, recruiting new members and promoting the NSWTF within the Inverell community. We are focusing on all current Federation campaigns, especially the Gonski campaign.

The best thing we’ve done in the past five years: The TA has seen an increase in attendance at association meetings. This has been due to many factors — word of mouth, change of venue, reinvigorated new members and executive, and members reflecting on current issues and workloads in a comfortable, supportive environment.