Inquiry finds Gonski model best for students with disability

A Senate inquiry into access to education for students with disabilities finds the Federal Government should fund schools according to the needs-based Gonski reforms. Federation, along with the Australian Education Union, call on the Turnbull Government to act immediately on the inquiry's recommendations and properly fund disability in schools in 2016. See article

Indigenous education inquiry

Federation urges teachers to share their views about what works, what's important and what can be done to improve educational opportunities for Indigenous students by completing an online survey being conducted as part of the House of Representatives' Inquiry into educational opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. See article

TPP poses a potential threat to public education

Twelve Asia-Pacific nations have held a symbolic signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an agreement that claims to facilitate trade across the region. However, the implications for citizens of these nations are significant as the major benefactors are trans-national corporations. Click here to see Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network convenor Dr Patricia Ranald explain the situation and what you can do.

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