All hands needed for ramped-up Gonski effort

More than 150,000 signed up

Henry Rajendra
City Organiser

With a federal election likely to be called at any time, Gonski campaign activities are escalating around the state.

The campaign will need all schools, not merely those in targeted electorates, to continue to engage their community and local politicians in making the case for a fully-funded Gonski agreement.

Schools need to be ready to explain to parents and politicians the needs of their students, the improvements already achieved with Gonski money and what more can be achieved with the full package.

While the ALP schools funding announcement on January 28 is a welcome boost for the Gonski campaign we must continue to pressure the Federal Government for an equivalent or improved commitment before the May Budget.

A program of campaign activities for term 1 is well underway.

National Sign-Up Gonski Supporters Week: Schools would have already participated in this event. With a growing supporter base in excess of 150,000 we must continue to encourage colleagues, family members and friends to sign up to the Gonski campaign and subscribe to the I Give a Gonski Facebook page.

The week concluded with Sign-Up Supporters Day in targeted seats across the country. This was a successful outreach to the broader community in local shopping centres and local events.

Federation Representative training: Federation is providing training for Federation Representatives across all NSW target seats (Banks, Dobell, Eden-Monaro, Gilmore, Lindsay, Macquarie, Page and Reid).

The training program will provide Federation Representatives with the opportunity to network with colleagues from schools in their electorate, gain deeper insight into the political landscape of the Gonski campaign and develop the skills and tools to improve parent and politician engagement at the local level.

Doorknock Day — targeted seats: Activists in targeted seats will also be asked to participate in Doorknock Day on March 20. Teachers and parents will be taking the message to voters, explaining the importance of a fully-funded Gonski model for all children and encouraging them to register their support for the campaign.

The importance of sharing your school’s Gonski story: Many schools have already developed their stories that detail the benefits of Gonski-funded programs and what more could be achieved if the entire six years of Gonski agreement was fully implemented. These Gonski stories have proven to be the most powerful means to convince the community and politicians of the benefits of Gonski.

We need more schools to develop their story and share it with their community and local politicians. Please contact your Organiser for further assistance.

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