Refund of membership fee

Nicole Calnan
Acting Membership and Training Officer

Members must inform Federation of changes

Federation has a new policy to address reimbursement of membership fees.

Members have an explicit responsibility to advise the Federation of changes to circumstances that result in a change to the fees payable. Neither the Department of Education, TAFE Commission nor any other employer advises the Federation of adjustments to employment — it is each member’s responsibility to advise the Federation of any changes to membership details.

Where a member does not notify Federation in writing within 28 days of any such change and fees continue to be collected, the member has the capacity to write to the General Secretary requesting a refund. The General Secretary may authorise a refund to the member of overpaid fees for a period of up to three months.

Consistent with Federal Rule 17 (4a or 4b), members retiring or resigning their membership of the Federation are required to give two weeks’ notice in writing.

This measure is necessary to ensure that Federation's cash flow is not affected by significant variations caused by member requests for large refunds of fees — often many months after the change has taken effect and where they have not notified the Federation or responded to any Federation requests for updated information. Each year such refunds total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars; such unplanned expense is unsustainable.The best way to ensure that you are paying the correct membership fees is to let us know when your details change — if you are unsure whether a particular change to your circumstances will be of importance, we encourage you at the time of change (or prior, where known) to contact the membership section via:

The full refund policy, endorsed by Federation Executive meeting on November 3, can be viewed here.