Officers farewelled

Nola Edsall, Sue Simpson, Sally Edsall, Carol Howard, Deb Marten, Sharryn Usher and Terry Keeley

As the 2013-2015 Federation Administrative Officers’ triennium draws to a close at the end of the summer holidays, seven Officers have or will soon be farewelled.

They are Federation Life Members Nola Edsall, Sue Simpson, Sally Edsall and Carol Howard, Country Organiser Deb Marten, and TAFE Organisers Sharryn Usher and Terry Keeley.

Nola Edsall became a Welfare Officer in 2010 and retired in September.

Sue Simpson became a City Organiser in 1988. She briefly held the position of Senior Vice President before being elected Deputy President in 1996. From 1998 to 2001 Sue was Federation President. After almost a decade back in schools Sue was elected a Research Officer in 2010.

Sally Edsall was elected as a Research Officer in 1995 and then as the Administration Officer (Media and Communications) in 2009.

Welfare Officer Carol Howard will retire on February 9, marking 25 years to the day as a Welfare Officer.

Deb Marten became a Country Organiser in 2008.

Terry Keeley became a TAFE Organiser in 2010.

Sharryn Usher became a TAFE Organiser in 2013. She resigned in July to become an ACTU Targeted Seats Coordinator.