Funding promotes equal access to education

Stephanie Needham

Parents and others were invited to tea to celebrate what Crookwell High had been able to do with Gonski funding

Gonski needs-based funding is providing increased opportunities for Crookwell High School students.

Staffing over establishment and entitlement has allowed Crookwell High School to offer a broader curriculum, particularly enhancing our ability to diversify the curriculum, particularly for senior students.

Class sizes have been reduced across all years, providing teachers with the ability for every teacher to spend more one-on-one time with each and every student and leading to improved student outcomes, such as learning.

The school has been able to provide specialist subject teachers for all areas of the curriculum and additional specialist support for students who are struggling.

Additional funding has been distributed to every key learning area and faculty, allowing teachers to adequately resource implementation of the curriculum and elevate student learning.

Welfare initiatives have been supplemented to enhance the social wellbeing of all students.

Gonski funding has also enhanced School Learning Support Officer (SLSO) provision. Comprehensive support for students with disabilities is provided by allowing one-on-one support when required. More support is being provided to students with Down Syndrome, autism, learning difficulties, anxiety disorders, depression and cerebral palsy, to enable consistent access to education.

Gonski funding is essential for our students to access resources and to unilaterally sustain, and improve, the learning opportunities and outcomes for all students.

Student engagement and retention is improved with every dollar received.

The full funding of the six year Gonski agreement will allow Crookwell High School to maintain a diverse curriculum with specialist teachers and adequate resources. Welfare support will continue to be maximised, smaller class sizes will be possible, and Learning Support officers can continue to support, and improve, the learning experience for students from low socio-economic families, as with students with disability, Aboriginal and low English language proficiency backgrounds.

Stephanie Needham is Women’s Contact at Crookwell High School.