Course offerings get bigger and better

Kathy Deacon
Director, Centre for Professional Learning

The Centre for Professional Learning (CPL) will continue to expand professional support for teachers in 2016.

Courses to be offered will continue to concentrate on the continuing rollout of the new NSW syllabuses aligned with the Australian Curriculum. Additionally, the CPL program will contain course offerings that cover other parts of the curriculum and perspectives including the creative and performing arts, Aboriginal education, educational leadership, support for students with special needs and support for early career teachers.

Many of the popular 2015 courses will be offered once again, including the major English conference, which is scheduled for term 3.

Federation Representatives and all schools will receive detailed information about the 2016 courses and CPL events in the months to come.

Members will be able to apply for courses and conferences and make any enquiries through the Centre’s website. In 2016, the fee of $150 will continue to apply to courses and conferences except those dedicated to early career teachers where the fee will be waived. In the usual fashion, schools are asked to meet the relief costs incurred by teachers attending their professional learning courses. All financial members of the NSW Teachers Federation are eligible to apply to attend CPL courses. Courses are registered and accredited by the Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES) and all time at courses counts fully for maintenance of accreditation at Proficient Teacher.

Carly-Jane Boreland

A new assistant director of the CPL, Carly-Jane Boreland, will commence from the start of the 2016 school year. Her position incorporates the role of editor of the Journal of Professional Learning (JPL). During the 2016 transition period Denis Fitzgerald will continue as JPL’s editor. Carly-Jane is an experienced teacher who has taught in government high schools in Wollongong and south-west Sydney. She has been highly engaged in professional work on behalf of the Federation; she is a member of the BOSTES Quality Teaching Council and is on the BOSTES Initial Teachers Education Committee and the Years 11-12 History Curriculum Committee. Carly-Jane is currently a Head Teacher HSIE and LOTE, is a HSC marker and a deeply respected CPL presenter who has previously written for the JPL.

The CPL offered 62 courses in 2015, one conference and six online modules.

The range of courses also expanded geographically. Courses were held in Surry Hills, Blacktown, Wollongong and Newcastle. Additionally, in an effort to continue to widen the professional learning opportunities of members in regional areas, the CPL also offered courses in the Central West of NSW in Parkes, Dubbo and in Lismore.

The CPL continued to strengthen and expand partnerships with major NSW universities in 2015. The CPL also continued its successful partnership with the Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums (ANSWRC) to provide high quality professional learning to support music education in primary schools. Presenters from the ANSWRC, with a wealth of music education expertise, delivered the courses in Surry Hills, Wollongong, Dubbo and Lismore.

In 2015, only the third year that the CPL has offered courses, teachers from more than 40 per cent of NSW public schools attended CPL events. Many casual teachers attended courses. Federation and the professional development arm of the union, the CPL, are appreciative of the continued support of members.

The Committee of Management of the CPL is comprised of Federation’s President Maurie Mulheron, General Secretary John Dixon, Tim Mulroy and Nicole Calnan as the two Council representatives, and Jenny Mace and Mike Morgan representing the Executive. The committee met once each term and has worked tirelessly to oversee and support the operation of the CPL.