Piccoli addresses Hay on benefits of funding

Brett Bertalli
Country Organiser

Education Minister Adrian Piccoli tells of the student achievements achieved with Gonski funding

An excellent presentation depicting the advantages of the Gonski needs-based funding model was given at a Gonski forum held at Hay Public School on World Teachers’ Day.

Principal Carol Oataway outlined the additional programs the school was running to help all students reach their potential, while also communicating further unmet need and the importance of the full six year agreement.

Parents and community members were joined at the forum by Education Minister Adrian Piccoli, who reported the wonderful student achievements he had seen during the first two years of the agreement.

Hay Teachers Association Secretary and Federation Executive member Michael Sciffer said following the forum: “It was wonderful to see Adrian at Hay Public School on World Teachers’ Day and hear of his continued support for the Gonski Agreement. The community appreciated discovering how the Gonski funds are providing new learning opportunities to their children.

“The extra Gonski money has created local impetus for continued demands on the federal government to fulfil its promise to fund the 5th and 6th years of Gonski.”